Events Insurance – do you need it?

If you are organising an event then the chances are that it will go off without any problems whatsoever, but there is always the possibility of something going wrong. If something does go wrong then you could be landed with a court case and a massive payout in compensation, and this is why you need short term public liability insurance in order to protect yourself and your attending guests.

Events Insurance

Events insurance is the type of cover you need to for the duration of your event. Events insurance will provide you with short term insurance which will provide you with the cover you need without the high costs associated with taking out some of the conventional long term insurance packages.

Typically you will find four different types of insurance included in your events insurance package:

1. Short term public liability insurance will protect you against any claims made by the general public if they sustain any form of injury at your event.

2. If you are employing anyone to work at your event then short term employers’ liability insurance will protect you against any claims made by your employees should they fall ill or suffer any injury whilst working at your event.

3. Cancellation, abandonment, and postponement cover can provide protection for you if your event cannot go ahead as planned.

4. Sometimes light and heavy equipment has to be used at your event, and if this is damaged then it can be incredibly expensive to repair. Cover for your equipment can be added on to your events insurance package for a nominal fee.

When is Events Insurance Useful?

2012 is going to be a busy year for celebrations in the UK. 2012 is Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and there will public and privately organised events up and down the country to celebrate and commemorate her 60th year as Britain’s monarch. Thos year also sees the Olympics in Britain, although primarily based in London the action takes palce in various locations around the country. Anyone holding any kind of event relating to the Jubilee or Olympics should be covered by short term public liability insurance.

As well as this, though, this form of insurance is a very good idea for the myriad of music festivals, birthday events, and wedding parties which occur all year round. Full cover for these events can be found for less than £100 in many cases.

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