Arijit Singh all set to rock Chandigarh tomorrow, UT police issues traffic advisory


In a highly-anticipated event, the soulful sensation Arijit Singh is all set to perform in Sector 34 on Saturday.

Giant posters have taken over the Sector 34 ground, facing the furniture market, heralding the arrival of the musical maestro. The stage is being prepared meticulously for the concert, which is scheduled to kick off at 5 pm, and Arijit’s fans are buzzing with excitement.

Fans of all ages are eagerly gearing up for the event, with tickets priced between 1000 and 15000. Enthusiasts from neighboring states are expected to descend upon Chandigarh for the event.

However, amidst the growing demand, there are reports of scammers attempting to exploit the situation.

To combat ticket scams, the Chandigarh cyber cell issued a warning on Twitter, cautioning citizens to beware of fake tickets and fraudulent offers. They emphasised the importance of purchasing tickets only from reputable sources and refraining from sharing personal information on suspicious websites. The authorities urged the public to prioritise their safety while enjoying the show.

Traffic diversions

The UT traffic police have released a comprehensive traffic advisory for the event.

Commuters have been advised to steer clear of the Sector 33/34 dividing road and the Sector 34/35 dividing road after 4 pm on Saturday. However, the police have emphasised that the movement of individuals requiring medical attention, and emergency vehicles, will be facilitated without any hindrance.

The traffic advisory further specifies different routes for ticket holders based on their ticket category. Those with Diamond/Lounge Tickets are advised to take designated routes leading to the Diamond/Lounge members area located at the backside of the stage, opposite the Furniture Market in Sector 34, Chandigarh.

Similarly, individuals with Platinum tickets are instructed to follow the routes marked in green on the provided map to access the Platinum members parking area, situated opposite Gurudwara in Sector 34, Chandigarh.

For general ticket holders, two general parking lots are available. One is located opposite Sham Fashion Mall in Sector 34, and the other is situated opposite Aakash Institute in the same sector. Access to the general parking areas can be achieved by following the routes marked in pink on the map.

In the event that the designated parking lots are full, concert attendees are advised to utilize the paid parking lots near the venue. These include the paid parking area in front of DCBI Office in Sector 34B, the paid parking between Brane International and the central library, the paid parking in front of Mukat Hospital in Sector 34, the paid parking behind Sham Fashion Mall in Sector 34, and the paid parking in front of Omni Clinic in Sector 34.

Additionally, the police have strictly stated that no parking or pick-up/drop-off will be allowed from Sector 33/34 Light Point until New Labour Chowk (20/21×33/34 Chowk). Designated parking locations will be mentioned on each ticket to facilitate a smooth parking experience.


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