Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Car insurance Northern Ireland is mandatory for all motor vehicles. In exchange for an annual fee paid by the insured, also known as premium, the car insurance will cover the liability of the driver, ie will cover damage caused by the vehicle during an accident whoever may either the object (pedestrians, passengers, other vehicle components roads) with the exception of the driver and the car itself. This is the basic insurance, also called third party insurance.

However a large majority of companies from Northern Ireland offer a range of additional options, such as damage to the car itself and its driver, theft, broken glass, (rear lights, the mirror). Another important option is to cover all its elements even in the absence of charge. Some insurance companies offer more assistance in case of breakdown or accident, the direct settlement of insurance in the garage or the monthly payment of dues. Before signing the insurance, you should not hesitate to compare the prices and offerings of different companies.

Young drivers, responsible for two and a half times more accidents than others, will pay a higher premium. The frequency of accidents in which the liability is attributable to the insured may also increase its contribution. In addition to the amount of contributions offered by insurers, it is useful to compare franchises. These lump sums are charged to the insured for damages and their amounts can vary knowing they have a decisive influence on the amount of dues. The last thing to check the value of your car as decided by the expert who will be the basis of reimbursement for theft or destruction. Normally, this value drops by 20% the day after the date of purchase, but some offer contracts to maintain the purchasing power longer.
Once selected the car insurance Northern Ireland company must ensure that all contract terms are understood and accepted. The insurer must provide any information on prices and guarantees as well as instructions for information on this contract that sets out guarantees, options chosen and the obligations of the insured (equipment of car alarm airbag) It is important to understand that any misrepresentation of the insured on the insurance contract will be quashed. You must therefore inform the agency of any changes, especially the changes of address. Once the contract is signed, the insurance takes effect the next day at noon of the first payment of dues.

Finally, you need to remember that all insurance has an exclusion clause as driving without a license, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

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