Events Insurance – do you need it?

If you are organising an event then the chances are that it will go off without any problems whatsoever, but there is always the possibility of something going wrong. If something does go wrong then you could be landed with a court case and a massive payout in compensation, and this is why you need … Read more

What is a caravan insurance review?

A caravan insurance review may sound to be a rather formal and possibly even intimidating prospect, however, the reality may be rather less grave and it may result in a more cost-effective solution for your caravan insurance needs: • in the caravan insurance industry, things change over time and the policy that may have been … Read more

Insurance for the Leisure and Sports Industry

Leisure insurance is intended to provide the necessary insurance cover, that enables the operators of those sections and activities within the Leisure industries, to conduct business, safe in the knowledge that their operating risks and liabilities are protected as far as possible, with the appropriate insurance policies. The Leisure industry covers a multitude of activities, … Read more