• December 7, 2023

Conspiracy theorists convinced Cricket World Cup ‘fixed’ with coin swap drama


SOME fans are convinced the Cricket World Cup is “fixed” despite no clear evidence to back the speculation.

That’s after conspiracy theorists were left stunned by India’s coin toss following their pitch swap drama against New Zealand.

Conspiracy theorists were not happy with India's coin toss against New Zealand


Conspiracy theorists were not happy with India’s coin toss against New ZealandCredit: Reuters
The hosts also controversially swapped pitches before their semi-final win


The hosts also controversially swapped pitches before their semi-final winCredit: Getty

The tournament hosts cruised past their Kiwi opponents into November 19th’s final after winning by 70 runs on Wednesday.

India are unbeaten in 10 matches and will be feeling confident of their chances thanks to superstars like Rohit Sharma.

But the skipper left conspiracy theorist fans claiming the Cricket World Cup has been “fixed” in India’s favour.

Ahead of the win against New Zealand, Sharma tossed the pre-game coin so far away that opposing captain Kane Williamson was unable to see which side it landed on.

India were deemed to have won the toss, leading to conspiracy theorists claiming the tournament has been set up for them to win.

SunSport makes no suggestions of wrongdoing by Sharma, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) or the ICC (International Cricket Council).

One fan said: “How do you explain Rohit’s coin toss? Why is India winning all the important tosses?”

Another declared: “The turning point of the match was that talented coin toss throw far away so Williamson can’t see the coin.


One added: “I hear India have already won the coin toss for the final.”

SunSport has contacted the BCCI for comment.

The wild claims come after India caused uproar by insisting they play New Zealand on a used pitch.

A pre-tournament agreement meant the game was set to take place on fresh turf, reported the Mail.

But India insisted on a used field, leading to criticism from ex-England captain Michael Vaughan.

He said: “It is a bit of a sour taste. It doesn’t sit with me that a World Cup semi-final is played on a used pitch.

“I don’t think India needed to do anything. They have played the best cricket by a country mile. They shouldn’t have got involved in what the surface should be.

“Let’s not beat around the truth: the ICC want India in the final. They probably would’ve beaten New Zealand on any pitch.

“The rest of the world will be like: ‘Really? Don’t make it so obvious’.”

The ICC told the Mail: “Changes to planned pitch rotations are common towards the end of an event of this length, and has already happened a couple of times.

“This change was made on the recommendation of the venue curator in conjunction with our host.

“The ICC independent pitch consultant was apprised of the change and has no reason to believe the pitch won’t play well.”


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