• December 9, 2023

Coronation Street cancelled tonight in latest ITV schedule shake-up


CORONATION Street has been cancelled tonight in the latest ITV schedule shake-up.

The soap usually airs at 8pm on a Friday straight after Emmerdale.

Coronation Street has been cancelled tonight


Coronation Street has been cancelled tonightCredit: ITV
The soap had to move in the schedules for the latest Rugby World Cup match between France and Italy


The soap had to move in the schedules for the latest Rugby World Cup match between France and ItalyCredit: Alamy

However, tonight’s Coronation Street had to be moved because of the next Rugby World Cup match.

The next game in the tournament takes place between hosts France and Italy.

The change meant Corrie aired double episodes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week instead.

Wednesday’s episode concluded with Stephen Reid realising the net was starting to close in on him.

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In the past year, the soap villain has killed three people and tormented many other Weatherfield residents as part of his dastardly plans to save his own skin.

Firstly, Carla had received her test results back which confirmed she had been spiked with LSD.

Initially suspecting Rufus, she soon had to rule him out and back at Underworld, it suddenly dawned on her that Stephen was usually the one who made her cups of tea, and had a motive to put the LSD in the drink in a bid to try and take control of the factory.

Carla went to the police, who said she needed harder evidence before they could bring him in, but later, one of the detectives paid her a visit on the cobbles and said she was on to something, but to stay clear of Stephen for her own safety.

The women didn’t realise that Stephen had overheard their conversation as he was coming out of the kebab shop, and matters only escalated further for the villain when he walked past Tim Metcalfe just as the ringtone sounded on his phone.

As The Birdie Song tune rang out, Stephen had a flashback to when he was looking for the roof box in the canal which contained another one of his victim’s bodies and had heard that same song.

He suddenly realised it must have been Tim who was lurking nearby and had seen his shifty behaviour.

The episode is part of the build up to Corrie’s Soap Super Week, where Stephen’s storyline will finally reach a dramatic conclusion.


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