• December 7, 2023

Coronation Street horror as body is found in Super Soap Week spoilers


THE truth is catching up with Stephen Reid and he is trying to claw his way out of Weatherfield.

Unfortunately for him, another one of his crimes becomes public knowledge in Coronation Street as Teddy Thompkins’ is finally found.

Stephen Reid is close to being taken down


Stephen Reid is close to being taken downCredit: ITV
His last victim is finally found next week


His last victim is finally found next weekCredit: ITV
Will the police realise he was responsible?


Will the police realise he was responsible?Credit: ITV

Three lives have been brutally taken by the businessman portrayed by Todd Boyce in the course of a year.

Unfortunately for the serial killer, secrets rarely remain under wraps forever in the ITV show.

Coming up next week, as a new day dawns in Weatherfield, Stephen is planning his escape from the cobbles and the trail of dead bodies he has left behind.

Stephen suggested to his other half Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) that they move away together in Thailand as she would no longer be at the helm of the Rovers Return inn.

But he is completely unaware that fellow residents are putting together the pieces of a blood-curdling jigsaw puzzle, one that could leave him seeing out his days behind bars and not running on a sun-soaked beach.

A frustrated Carla Connor (Alison King) is correctly convinced Stephen dosed her up on LSD but without evidence the police can’t prove it.

When she finds a print out of one way tickets to Thailand in the office printer, she convinces DS Swain that Stephen is a flight risk.

Ignoring Swain’s insistence that she tell no one Carla explains to Jenny that the police are investigating Stephen and implores her not to go to Thailand with him, as she could be running off with a murderer – how will she react?

Meanwhile, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is distracted from Sally’s plans for their wedding anniversary when a passing mention from Brian Packham of Stephen’s interest in the canal dredging project gets his cogs whirring.

On the canal towpath, Tim finds a discarded boat hook and starts poking about in the water.

He’s horrified when a corpse’s hand floats to the surface.

Fleeing back to his cab, Tim dials 999 and reports finding a dead body.

But the phone cuts out and before he can call back, Tim’s aghast when Stephen climbs into the back seat of the cab.

As Stephen tries to strangle him with a tie, Tim makes a bid for freedom but trips on his shoelace and, as he clambers to his feet, he’s knocked unconscious by Stephen with a brick.

A furious Sally (Sally Dynevor) assumes that Tim has gone to the county match with Kevin while her husband is actually fighting for his life in the boot of his car which is being doused in petrol.

Stephen’s attempt to silence Tim is in vain as, later on, the police lift the roof box from the murky waters of the canal.

Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) and DS Swain shudder as they realise the box contains human remains.

Teddy Thompkins was murdered earlier this year after finding out Stephen had been up to no good in the Street.

After putting two and two together, he also came to the realisation that Stephen murdered his son Leo.

However, Teddy made the mistake of confronting Stephen with what he knew and he paid the price with his life as the serial killer bludgeoned him with a staple gun.


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Stephen then stuffed Teddy’s body in a roof box, nearly getting caught in the acting of disposing the body by his mother Audrey.

He was eventually able to chuck the roof box in the canal… which he recently visited once he learned Leo’s body had been found.

Teddy is the last of Stephen’s murder victims to be discovered as Leo and Rufus Donahue were both found in previous scenes of the Manchester-based program.

How will the authorities figure out that Stephen was responsible for Teddy’s death?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

Tim discovers Teddy's body


Tim discovers Teddy’s bodyCredit: ITV
And Stephen's attempt to silence him fails


And Stephen’s attempt to silence him failsCredit: ITV


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