Covering the Cab

Insurance is important for all cars on the road, but it’s even more important for cabs because they are putting themselves at an increased risk of having an accident as they are simply on the road more often. This means that insurance is going to be higher, but what about cheap cab insurance?

Is it a Good Idea to Opt for Cheap Insurance?

The answer is absolutely not. Cheaper insurance packages will always guarantee less protection overall and if a serious accident occurs and the cab owner is unprotected then, it could mean a significant loss of income and even the end of their business.

Is it Necessary?

As already mentioned, it’s necessary to have protection against anything which may occur on the roads in order to protect one’s business and livelihood. But, more importantly, it’s a legal requirement to have a minimal level of cover to drive on the roads of the UK, so cab drivers don’t have a choice when it comes to getting insurance or not.

Which Level of Cover?

The main choice all cab drivers will have to make is the level of cover they take out. There are three main levels of cover in the UK which will cover both cabs and cars in general on the road, however it should be noted that public liability and other types of insurance are required for cab drivers.

1. The first level of cover is third party only cover, and this is the minimum level of cover required to drive on the roads of the UK. However, it will only cover damage to third parties and not the cab driver/owner. It’s also the cheapest type of cover available for vehicles and their drivers.

2. Third party only with fire and theft is the same as third party only cover, but it will also cover damage to the policy-holder’s car if it’s damaged by fire or stolen.

3. Comprehensive cover is the type of cover all cab owners should be looking at because it will cover the cab driver against anything and everything. Although this isn’t the best option if the client is looking for a cheap cab insurance policy because it’s the most expensive of the three.

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