Crashes Snarl Traffic On Local Highways – KFIZ News-Talk 1450 AM

Two single vehicle crashes tied up traffic on local highways in Fond du Lac County Thursday, May 25, 2023.

The first occurred on the northbound side of 41 around 3:40 yesterday afternoon. A vehicle lost control between N and Lincoln Road and hit the center median divider. There were no serious injuries but with the crash being on a curve in the area, coupled with afternoon rush hour, traffic backed up several miles and slowed to a crawl while crews worked the scene. That area of the highway was opened back up about an hour later.

The second crash occurred on the southbound side of 151 near Waupun. At about 5:40 PM, a car lost control and struck the guardrail on the side of the highway at Highway 49. The car left the roadway and into the area between 151 and the offramp to 49, but the force of the crash ripped the guardrail away from the side of the road and into the lanes of traffic. The highway was completely blocked for about a half hour, causing traffic to back up past highway 26, three miles away. The location of the crash allowed for cars to exit at 49 and then re-enter 151 on the on ramp, bypassing the guardrail, but even with that option, traffic still backed up. The Fond du Lac County Highway Department responded to remove the damaged guardrail and will be replacing it in the next couple days.

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