• December 7, 2023

Danny Cipriani’s wife in bust-up with model after he ‘chatted her up’


DANNY Cipriani’s wife had a bust-up with a model after the former rugby star was seen “chatting her up” — just days before the couple split.

Victoria, 42, is said to have confronted fitness trainer Isa Yasmijn at a hotel bash.

Danny Cipriani’s wife had a bust-up with model Isa Yasmijn


Danny Cipriani’s wife had a bust-up with model Isa YasmijnCredit: Instagram @isa.yasmijn
Cipriani and wife Victoria Rose


Cipriani and wife Victoria RoseCredit: Instagram/victoriarosecipriani
The former rugby star was seen 'chatting her up' at a hotel bash


The former rugby star was seen ‘chatting her up’ at a hotel bashCredit: Getty

She told pals she later found messages on her husband’s phone shared with Isa and other women.

UK Times revealed last week how Cipriani was seen sparring with Dutch-born Isa after he walked out of his marital home.

And a source revealed there was nearly a scrap between Victoria and Isa on November 4 at an event hosted by Cipriani and self-help guru Garrett Kramer.

Victoria is said to have been suspicious about her husband of two years as soon as they arrived at the Four Seasons in London’s Mayfair.


A source said: “Something was different about him. Normally Danny only has eyes for Vic but he wasn’t giving her half the attention he usually would.

“It was like he didn’t really want her there. When they got to the talk, Danny was playing the crowds. Vic noticed he was looking at other women including Isa, chatting them up, and alarm bells started going off.”

The mental health campaigner is then said to have snapped after Danny made her sit at another table for food and drinks, while he was with Isa.

The source went on: “She’d had enough and decided to confront Danny and Isa. She went over and demanded to know what the hell was going on. Isa swore at her and squared up to her. It got very heated.”

The couple are believed to have returned home to Kent, when Victoria’s “world collapsed” after checking Cipriani’s phone.

The source said: “She found loads of messages and was really upset.

“Eventually she confronted Danny over them and that led to a huge row.”

The ex-England star walked out, then told his 221,000 Instagram followers that they were divorcing, to Victoria’s shock.

The source said: “She had no idea he was going to do that. She thought there was still a chance they’d patch things up. Why do that to her? And why make the whole thing so public?

“She was trying to get some head space and he dropped news of their split on social media.”

Last Wednesday Cipriani, whose string of exes include model Kelly Brook, turned up to collect his belongings.

Later, Isa, who lives in London, posted a pic of the pair in a “living room” sparring session.

On Friday, he was pictured having coffee with Isa.

Victoria, who has two kids from a previous relationship, announced she was taking a break from social media after her husband’s bombshell “divorce” post.

We approached her and Cipriani for comment. Last week, Isa told UK Times: “I am not interested in answering your questions.”

Cipriani and Isa Yasmijn spar together


Cipriani and Isa Yasmijn spar togetherCredit: isa.yasmijn/Instagram


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