Drivers face major £1000 fine for drinking water behind the wheel


Drivers are being warned they could face a huge fine if they drink water behind the wheel. It comes as the summer heat is set to scorch the country in the coming week.

Plenty of people taking advantage of the hot weather with a day out with many wanting to get out for the day to enjoy the sun – whether it’s a short jaunt to the beach or a staycation further afield.

However, drivers have been urged to be aware of certain Highway Code rules that they might even not know they’re breaking, in order to avoid getting slapped with a fine or penalty points.

Some fines can go up to £1,000 – some can even be unlimited, reports the Mirror.

The car leasing company Vanarama has highlighted a few things drivers will need to be aware of when driving in the hot weather this summer.

Driving when there’s sun glare

Sun glare(Image: Ivana Cajina/Unsplash)

Bright sunlight can cause a strong glare across a car’s windshield which can distort a driver’s view of the road which can be incredibly dangerous.

According to a survey conducted by Vanarama of 1,000 drivers, almost two-fifths (37%) admitted to struggling to drive due to sun brightness in the past.


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