• December 6, 2023

EastEnders fans stunned as seething Cindy Beale threatens to do ‘whatever it takes’ in war with fellow Walford resident


VIEWERS were left stunned by tonight’s episode of EastEnders as Cindy Beale gets set to go to war with another Walford resident.

This comes after her showdown with businessman Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) in the Queen Vic last night.

Cindy Beale is set to go to war with ex George


Cindy Beale is set to go to war with ex George
BBC fans said it's only a matter of time until Cindy dumps Ian


BBC fans said it’s only a matter of time until Cindy dumps IanCredit: BBC

Cindy (Michelle Collins) is determined to put down roots in Walford and was looking at Nish to invest in her and Ian’s (Adam Woodyatt) pie and mash shop.

But she tore up their contract when he insulted her parenting skills.

With that bridge well and truly burnt, Cindy had to drum up a new investor for her business, first looking to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), but Ian quickly shut her down.

However, it seems she may not need an investor after all.

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At the beginning of the episode Cindy’s ex George Knight (Colin Salmon), who recently moved to Walford, revealed to his daughters Anna (Molly Rainford) and Gina (Francesca Henry) that he had received an offer on their bar in Marbella.

But, the news came with the instruction that the girls were not to tell their mum Cindy, who has been out of their lives since 2014.

However, after seeing how her mum comforted her sister Gina over a bad breakup, Anna caved and revealed everything to Cindy.

Seething, Cindy returned home to explain her plan to Ian.

She quickly warns her husband that it’s “time to start fighting.”

Confused by her new attitude he asks, “what are you talking about?”

But Cindy is quick to explain that they’re about to come into some money from George’s bar sale – although it won’t be simple.

Getting worked up, she said: “I owned that bar with George. I started that bar. Half the money is mine, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get my share.”

Impressed by Cindy’s determination, Ian smiles in agreement.

But this is just the start. Cindy and Ian get set to go to war, knowing George definitely won’t hand over the cash willingly.

Viewers were left stunned by the turn of events and took to X – formerly Twitter – to discuss the episode.

One wrote: “Can’t wait to see Cindy take on George.”

Another added: “The real Cindy has returned – things are about to get interesting.”

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A third tweeted: “Cindy won’t stick with Ian for long, she’ll go running back to George after her plan goes wrong.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One and is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Cindy tried to make amends with daughter Gina


Cindy tried to make amends with daughter GinaCredit: BBC


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