• December 10, 2023

Emmerdale horror as villager locked up and left for dead in abandoned farm


EMMERDALE fans have been left playing detective after a mystery villager was locked up and left for dead in an abandoned property.

Tonight’s episode saw Cain Dingle and his brother Caleb continue with their mystery new project, having recently returned from a trip away.

Cain and Caleb continued with their shifty behaviour tonight


Cain and Caleb continued with their shifty behaviour tonightCredit: ITV
They were seen boarding up a window at the abandoned Wylie's Farm


They were seen boarding up a window at the abandoned Wylie’s FarmCredit: ITV

The brothers have given away very little about what they were up to on their business trip, and it’s left the likes of Moira and Nate annoyed and suspicious in equal measure.

To throw them both off their tracks, Caleb arranged for a vintage Cadillac to arrive in the village, and explained how it was part of their “future”.

He said: “Our little trip to Holland that had everyone gassing? This is one of the purchases.”

He added that classic cars were “what people want” and they could be used for all sorts of events.

He then told Cain once the others were out of earshot: “Your Mrs was like a dog with a bone wasn’t she? You won’t get any more ear ache now as there’s solid proof, where we were and what we got up to.”

As Mack and Moira drove off in the car, Caleb added: “If only all our problems were that easy to sort.”

Cain then asked if he was “still on for later” and his brother replied: “Absolutely.”

Towards the end of the hour long episode, the pair were seen arriving at the abandoned Wylie’s Farm outside of the village.

Grabbing bags out of the boot, Cain said: “Thanks for doing all this,” before they headed inside.

In the final moments of the episode, Caleb was seen boarding up a window with pieces of wood as Cain watched on.

He said: “No one is getting in there,” before they started walking back to the car.

As Cain asked: “Same time tomorrow?” the camera went back inside to show a shadow move across the boarded up window, before the unknown person started banging loudly.

Looking round, Caleb said sarcastically: “Ooh, temper temper,” before the brothers smirked and drove off.

Emmerdale fans were quick to take to social media to share their theories on it was that the siblings had locked up and why.

One wrote: “Have Cain & Caleb kidnapped Harry?”

Another added: “So Cain & Caleb have locked Moira’s hairdresser in that derelict house. Her hair wasn’t that bad!”

A third tweeted: “Who are Cain and Caleb holding hostage? A producer and they won’t let them go until they agree to a massive culling spree?”

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.


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