Emmerdale reveals truth about Rishi Sharma death as Amit suffers flashbacks


EMMERDALE has revealed the truth about what happend to Rishi Sharma on the day he died.

The businessman – who was played by actor Bhasker Patel in the ITV soap – was found dead at the foot of his stairs over the summer.

Amit Sharma suffered flashbacks in tonight's episode


Amit Sharma suffered flashbacks in tonight’s episodeCredit: ITV
He revealed he had been at the Sharma home before


He revealed he had been at the Sharma home beforeCredit: ITV

His friends and family were horrified that he died alone in the house, but now it has emerged that he wasn’t alone.

His own brother Amit was there on the day.

As Amit tried to walk through the hallway he was overcome with flashbacks of the night Rishi died.

He began to hear himself talking, saying: “Rishi, Rishi, are you OK?”

Struggling to breathe, Amit had a panic attack in the hallway where his brother was found dead.

Sitting on the stairs, Amit was asked by Suni if she needed an ambulance, insisting it could be a heart attack like Rishi.

“I don’t need it, it’s not a heart attack,” he said.

“It’s OK. Just get me outside. I should never have come back here.”

But when Suni heard him say that he realised his dad was lying.

“It was a slip of the tongue,” said Amit.

But Suni told him: “No nothing ever fazes you. But suddenly you’re having a panic attack and stumbling out the house. When were you here?”

Amit wouldn’t answer but it seems clear that he had something to do with his brother’s shock death.

Viewers know Rishi was found dead at the foot of his stairs on son Jai’s wedding day – and they were immediately suspicious of what happened.

Now they are convinced Amit caused Rishi’s death.

One wrote: “Surely this means Amit did kill Rishi!”

A second said: “Amit was definitely there when Rishi died.”

Another added: “Amit KILLED Rishi?”


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