Expert predictions: Most upside, transfer potential on 2023’s 22 Under 22 |


“Chicago Fire already have a history of selling goalkeepers for eight-figure transfer fees. And it looks like they could command the same for their current netminder. Chris Brady continually keeps the Fire in games with enormous saves and has improved massively from his first game. This year has given him the development he needed.” – Chris Wittyngham

“The Chicago Fire staff knew what they had in Chris Brady before they sold Gaga Slonina to Chelsea for up to $15 million. Brady has lived up to the expectations and more. At 19 years of age, and already averaging a clean sheet once every three games, he hasn’t even begun to reach his full potential. A call-up to the U-23 USMNT and potential spot on the 2024 Olympic roster looms, after not being allowed by his club to participate in the U-20 World Cup this past summer. With the market set on the previous sale of Slonina to Chelsea, it’s not unrealistic for the Fire to command even more money for Brady.” – Jamie Watson


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