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Bhopal: Reach the station early if you are planning to catch the train from Platform No-6 of Rani Kamlapati railway station. The traffic congestion in front of Sanchi dairy is leading to delays, complain passengers.
“The situation is the same on either side of the platform. There is traffic congestion on Platform No-1 side due to the metro construction work but what is the issue on Platform 6 side? There is no bottleneck here, it is just traffic mismanagement,” said Gungun Sharma, a resident of BHEL who said that she once missed a train due to the delay cause due to traffic jam.
The traffic congestion takes place because of two reasons, say residents. First, cab drivers and locals not wanting to pay Rs 10 parking fee line their vehicles on the side of the road. Passengers getting off with luggage and haphazard halting of vehicles slows down the traffic movement. Second, is that there is a U-turn near the station entrance. There are also vehicles coming straight from Habibganj locality. The vehicles are approaching the entrance from three areas — leading to confusion and then congestion.
The administration has to come up with a way to manage this area better, say residents. “Why are autos allowed to park outside the parking area? There is a huge space inside the parking area of the station. If autos were made to park inside the station the traffic congestion could be avoided,” suggested Akash Nema, a resident of a colony at Hoshangabad road.
The Sanchi dairy entrance of Rani Kamlapati station is an important entry point for the 2 lakh residents living in and around BHEL.
“I live in a colony near Ayodhya Bypass so I prefer to enter the station from Platform Number 6 side, even if the train is arriving on Platform 1 or 2. But, lately that convenience has also dimnished,” says Ashish Kumar.
Several residents of Arera Colony also use the Sanchi dairy entrance. “As the construction work is going on at the entrance of Platform no-1 it is always better for me to enter the station from Sanchi dairy side. But it is only a little better,” said Shubham Singh, a resident of E-7, Arera Colony.
When contacted, the officials of the Bansal Pathways did not respond.

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