How to Drastically Slice Your Minibus Insurance Premiums

When it comes to minibuses the insurance can quickly become a hassle as insurance rates in general are following an upward trend. There are ways to slice those premiums into smaller pieces, though, because insurance is all about risk. Those drivers who are considered to be more likely to crash or damage something are considered to be at a much higher risk, and that means they will have to pay the increased rates to match that risk. It follows therefore that divers who reduce that risk will be able to find lower minibus insurance quotes.


With the concept of risk in mind, let’s start with security. Security is one of the major factors when it comes to insurance risk. Increase the security of the bus by:

• Parking the minibus in an area of town where vehicular crime rates are generally low.
• Storing a minibus out of sight in a garage.
• Making sure that security measures like alarms and engine immobilisers are implemented.
• Trying to find a minibus which uses an electronic key card to start itself.


This is another one of the major factors when it comes to insuring the bus, so if there’s a crowd of people who are going to be using the bus then choose the driver carefully.

• If the driver is younger then they will be considered to be a high risk driver.
• Drivers who don’t have as much experience will attract higher minibus insurance quotes.
• Those drivers who have penalty points on their licenses or previous driving sanctions will be considered to be a high risk driver.

The Policy Itself

When it comes to the policy, there are a few factors which can either increase or decrease the cost of the insurance policy.

• If fewer drivers are on the policy then this will decrease the amount which the minibus owner will have to pay.
• Pay for the insurance policy annually because many insurance companies will increase the price for the privilege of being able to pay for the insurance in instalments.
• Simply reduce the coverage on the policy, however be careful about doing this because it can easily come back to bite you if a serious accident occurs.

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