If LAX Traffic Is A Mess This Holiday Week, Don’t Blame Construction


If you’ve driven through LAX within the last few months, you’ve likely seen the construction at the airport clogging the roads. But this week, through Jan. 3., construction is on pause. Consider it a holiday miracle.

Why is it stopped? According to an airport spokesperson, heavy construction is paused specifically to alleviate traffic issues in the central terminal area during the holidays, one of the airport’s busiest times.

Will it actually help? Of course, but you might not notice a big difference. LAX has been swarmed with cars this week as holiday travelers get dropped off and picked up. Still, the pause on construction means one less headache.

What’s going on? LAX is in the middle of a massive building plan. There’s a new rent-a-car facility in the works, the Automated People Mover is nearing completion (an in-airport train) and multiple terminals are getting upgrades.

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