Italy Air Traffic Controller Strike 1PM – 5PM Sunday April 2, 2023


There is strike activity in Italy on Sunday, April 2, 2023, when Air Traffic Controllers and some other airport employees won’t work between 1 PM – 5 PM.

Flights scheduled between 7 AM – 10 AM and 6 PM – 9 PM are protected and will go forward unless airplanes and crews are out of their usual rotations.

The airlines are required per law EC 261/2004 to rebook affected passengers to their final destination at the earliest opportunity and to provide care (accommodation and meals) in case of long delays.

Passengers on canceled flights can also choose a refund, even on non-refundable fares.

ITA Airways has issued the following statement (Google translate):

Following the agitation proclaimed by the air traffic controllers from 13.00 to 17.00 on Sunday 2 April 2023, some changes to the schedule of ITA Airways flights could occur. Furthermore, the Company was forced to cancel some flights, both domestic and international, scheduled for 2 April 2023.

ITA Airways has activated an extraordinary plan to limit the inconvenience of passengers, by rebooking the largest possible number of travelers involved in the cancellations on the first available flights: 35% will be able to fly on the same day of April 2nd.

ITA Airways invites all travelers who have purchased a ticket for April 2 to check the status of their flight, before going to the airport, on the website, by calling the toll-free number from Italy 800 93 60 90 | from abroad +39 06 8596 0020, or by contacting the travel agency where they purchased the ticket.

Passengers who have purchased an ITA Airways ticket to travel on April 2nd , in the event of cancellation or change in the time of their flight, will be able to change the booking without any penalty or request a refund of the ticket (only if the flight has been canceled or has been delayed by more than 5 hours) until 5 April 2023.

ITA Airways Canceled Flights:


There has been plenty of strike activity in Europe this spring (Germany, France, and the UK), inconveniencing many passengers, and now also in Italy.

I just looked at the scheduled flights out of Milan’s Malpensa tomorrow for the strike period, and many airlines haven’t yet processed the inevitable cancellations.

You should monitor your itineraries if you are scheduled to fly to/from/through Italy tomorrow for possible delays and cancellations and rebook if required.


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