Keeping a Static Caravan Clean

So a new caravan has been bought, the owner has decided to buy caravan insurance, and everybody is ready to enjoy a holiday away from the city, but what happens when the caravan becomes dirty and is in need of a good cleaning? If they are lucky then they will be able to employ someone else to clean it. However, if they are like most people then they will need to be able to know exactly how to clean their static caravan themselves.

Start from the Top

Get a hold of some ladders which are at least as tall as the caravan itself and start the process of cleaning the caravan by cleaning the roof. This should be done by using a jet wash to power all the dirt and debris away from the roof. Cleaning the roof in this way will prevent any dirt and debris from festering.

Close Cleaning

But a jet wash won’t be able to clear everything as placing a high-pressure wash directly into the guttering will damage it. This is why rubber gloves should be used to manually lift everything out of it. This should be placed into a bucket and disposed of.

When this is completed a bucket of warm water mixed with car wash shampoo should be used to gently clean any last bits of dirt from the guttering. Make sure car shampoo is used, as opposed to household detergents, because car shampoo is gentler when it comes to vehicular exteriors.

Exterior Cleaning

Now it’s time to begin cleaning the larger part of the caravan exterior. Use a jet wash and another bucket of car wash solution to clean the caravan, but remember to jet wash the sponged area quickly or the foam will dry on to the exterior of the caravan. This is time-consuming and monotonous, but this instils good practices when it comes to someone who wants to buy caravan insurance as someone who takes good care of their caravan is likely to be vigilant when it comes to its security.

Window Cleaning

Finally, use a window cleaning solution and a soft cloth to clean the windows to make them sparkle in the sun. This is the last part of cleaning the caravan, but all of these steps should be repeated every few months.

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