• September 26, 2023

Larnaca police chase ends in arrest after stolen car incident

A car pursuit, marked by warning shots, unfolded in Larnaca shortly after noon on Wednesday.

Earlier today, a stolen vehicle from Pervolia was spotted in Larnaca by its owners who notified authorities.

A patrol arrived at the scene to locate the stolen car. However, as soon as the individual behind the wheel noticed them approaching, they fled. The driver even entered oncoming traffic lanes and weaved through various streets in Larnaca, philenews reports.

However, at one point, the car collided with a sidewalk railing, rendering it immobilised.

The driver exited the car and attempted to flee on foot but was chased by a member of the police, who fired two warning shots into the air. Ultimately, the suspect was arrested, with the assistance of a citizen who helped immobilise the individual.

At the location where the vehicle was found, another individual was present but did not get into the car when the driver fled. Surveillance camera footage suggested that this person was a passenger in the vehicle.

Both individuals were arrested and taken to the Larnaca Police Department for questioning.

Authorities are investigating the case.

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