• September 26, 2023

Loblaw modernises IT infrastructure with Oracle

Canada-based food and pharmacy retailer Loblaw has switched its SAP systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to modernise its information technology (IT) infrastructure.

With this migration, the grocer now manages practically every aspect of its business, from retail price tags to financials, using one of the largest single-instance SAP databases, with more than 180 terabytes of storage.

The tech vendor claims that performance has increased by up to 35% since Loblaw migrated its on-premises database footprint to OCI.

Loblaw chief technology and analytics officer David Markwell said: “It was extremely important for us to minimise risk during the move to the cloud. The SAP database had to operate correctly after the migration to safeguard the success of our businesses.

“OCI had the proven experience of running databases at this scale in the cloud which made them the right choice for this work. The real validation came when our post-migration tests showed a 35% increase in performance in key SAP transactions.”

Loblaw, which operates a network of 2,500 stores and e-commerce sites, generates approximately two billion transactions annually.

In addition, Loblaw’s loyalty programme, PC Optimum, has nearly 16 million active members.

Oracle Customer Success Services (CSS), which comprises a team of SAP-certified engineers, helped set up the database and facilitated a successful migration to OCI in line with SAP’s support requirements.

Following the migration, Oracle CSS will continue to offer support services to help maintain the database’s operating environment.

Loblaw has also partnered with Accenture to update its applications and optimise them to run in the cloud.

Oracle Cloud infrastructure senior vice-president Karan Batta said: “Working closely with our partners at Accenture, we were able to provide a world-class infrastructure to serve as a foundation for Loblaw’s operations now and into the future.”

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