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BENGALURU: Inaugurating their latest initiative – Pedal-Shaale – at Cubbon Park on Sunday morning, the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) said it aims to reach at least 500 people in the city to inculcate in them the culture of cycling.
The end goal is to make them pedal without fear in traffic, said Prabhakar Rao, a member of Go Green Go Cycling. DULT stated at the event that it wants to take up this initiative across Karnataka.
The Citizens for Sustainability, Karnataka Bicycle Dealers; Association, Bangalore Bicycling School (BBS), and Decathlon have collaborated with DULT to kick off Pedal-Shaale – a cycling school for adults who will be trained to manoeuvre a cycle on the city’s busy roads and traffic.
“BBS has been teaching people how to cycle, especially adults, since 2015. We conduct training sessions every Sunday. Most of our audience comprises adult women who want to get back to cycling or learn it from scratch,” said Parag Patankar, a volunteer with BBS.
DULT, with the help of the other entities, has developed a training programme for Pedal-Shaale and they wish to spread their classes across 15 locations in the city. About 100 people attended the inaugural ceremony, where it was announced that the cycling programmes would be free of cost.

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