PM Update: Wildfire smoke will return on a warm and breezy Tuesday


Other than hitting the mid-90s last Friday, June is picking up more or less where May left off. Temperatures near and a little below average, plus lots of sun, is a great combination this time of year. But those temperatures are headed upward Tuesday, toward levels some may consider too warm. We’ve also got more Canadian wildfire smoke inbound. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a Code Orange air quality alert hoisted for the area tomorrow.

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Through tonight: Clear skies probably will become shrouded by wildfire smoke. For now, it’s mainly aloft, but the smoke could drop closer to the surface. Mid-50s to around 60 seems about right for lows.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): Air quality might be degraded in the morning as wildfire smoke continues to pour in from the north. Beyond that, it will probably stay hazy much of the day, with some sunshine filtering through. It should also warm up some, but humidity will stay low. High temperatures should hit the mid-80s in most spots. With winds getting gusty in the afternoon, the area could face an increased fire threat. Those gusts will come from the northwest about 25 mph or so.

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More smoke: You’ll notice our skies turning smoky again into tomorrow. This time it’s coming from a big batch of relatively new fires in Quebec. Multiple blazes started last week amid widespread lightning strikes as a cold front swept through. With a wind flow out of the north around here, behind a low pressure off the East Coast, this smoke will head our way for at least the next few days.

We’ve now seen wildfire smoke from western Canada, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Jersey in recent weeks.

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