Preventing Theft and Lowering Insurance Costs For Your Motor Boat

No matter which level of motor boat insurance you have, your insurance premiums will be dictated in some way by your boat’s risk of theft. Insurance companies look favourably upon boats which have a variety of anti-theft devices installed so adding deterrents to thieves are a great way to lower the costs of your motor boat insurance.

The principle of anti-theft devices is to either have a device which prolongs the time it takes to take control of the boat, a device which makes a lot of noise when activated, or a device which can track stolen vehicles or equipment at a later date. Thieves are not looking for high-risk or targets which will require a great deal of effort to steal, they are looking for easy targets.

One simple anti-theft device which can be employed at a minimal cost to you is the padlock and chain. They are simple to get a hold of and only thieves who bring along heavy duty equipment will be able to release the item you have tied down.

Simple changes can also make a great deal of difference to the safety of your equipment. Such measures as taking all loose equipment home with you can do wonders to deter thieves. Remember, if you don’t tempt a thief then they will likely leave your belongings alone.

When dealing with outboard engines the best option is to lock them away privately or clamp them down on to your boat using specialised clamping locks. These locks are incredibly difficult to unlock and only heavy duty equipment can break them by force, otherwise your thief will have to be a master of lock picking in order to break through.

However if you do become a victim of crime then you should make sure you have all your boat identification information on hand so you can help the police with their inquiries and settle your insurance claims as fast as possible. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of your boat from multiple angles too.

If you implement these anti-theft measures then you will not only be able to protect yourself against theft, but you will also be able to reduce the cost of your motor boat insurance premiums in the process so you won’t ever need to worry about insurance claims.

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