• October 3, 2023

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Mortgage Brokers

Any service industry providing a service or dealing with the public is open to a vast amount of risk of allegations in all sorts of legal capacities. Especially when the clients you deal with are processing or transacting large amounts of money and investment, as is the nature of your professional service. Mortgage brokers need to ensure that their professional capacities are protected from all angles, in order to safe guard their livelihoods and professional reputations.

Legal allegations of professional negligence and inability to perform one’s job, could seriously damage ones reputation, not to mention ones pocket, if any of the legal claims make their way into court. Mortgage Brokers rely on their reputation, and work extremely hard to build one, as it is paramount to the success of their career. Mortgage brokers have a tainted reputation among some sectors, so for those brokers who have spent years building a strong, solid name for themselves in the industry, any legal allegations will have a seriously negative effect on that.

Professional Indemnity Insurance cost is minimal consideration yet paramount to any small business, or sole proprietor, especially somebody whose particular brand is their name. Claims of improper conduct and anything claims contractually will have serious financial implications for the broker and the brokerage. Having an insurance policy that will cover you in a personal capacity will protect you and your livelihood in the event of any legal claims

Professionals and specialists these days require specific cover for their field of specialty and extra advanced cover, as litigation is time consuming, often dragging out over long periods of time, without any coming to any conclusions. Not to mention that the average working person, professional or not, can hardly manage to cover the extreme expense that incurs over many months of litigation, nor the climbing legal fees.

Finding an expert insurance broker, who specializes in professional indemnity insurance policies for mortgage brokers, will be able to tailor make the right policy that you will need in order to take the appropriate precautions for you, when dealing with clients and their mortgage needs.

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