Ridgefield Police Warn Public to Adjust Traffic Pattern in Town

On Wednesday (3/22/23) the Ridgefield Police Department issued a traffic warning to all residents on their Facebook page.

The post read:


“We want to make the public aware that starting today (03/22/23) the Phase 1 portion of the Bailey Avenue project will begin. This will take place during normal traffic activity and will have a Ridgefield Police Officer to assist with traffic control. Please be aware of the adjusted traffic pattern in the area of #34 Bailey Avenue. Temporary signage is posted in the area. We appreciate your patience.”

Ridgefield Police Department

Ridgefield Police Department

The adjustments are necessary as construction begins for a new mixed use building is coming to Bailey Avenue. According to the Ridgefield Press, when the project is finished there will be commercial space on the ground floor, 25 one & two bedroom apartments above and 44 parking spaces. The project was approved in October of 2022 according to the same report.

Google Instant Street View

Google Instant Street View

P.S. Ridgefield should get working on a project that includes a parking garage. There is nowhere to park in that town. I’m assuming the 44 spaces mentioned above will be going to the residents and employees of the new space so that does no one else any good.

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I-95 Photo: Aurora Photography

I-95 Photo: Aurora Photography

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