Saving Money with Multiple Driver Motor Trade Insurance

Attaching several employees to your motor trade insurance is vital if you want them all to legally drive the vehicles of your customers.  Even if it is just to manoeuvre cars around the business premises – they need to be covered.

 As there is no limit to the quantity of staff members you can add to a motor trade insurance policy, this means you can protect everyone with one all-encompassing quote – which can save you a lot of money. 

Choose your drivers wisely…

With this in mind, it is still necessary to assess the drivers you are signing up, as ‘risky roadsters’ can push up the price of your quote.  Consider things like driver age, experience, how many points they have on their license and if they hold a no claims bonus on their private insurance policies.

Whereas the majority of auto traders in Britain are about 40 years old, their workforces are usually made up of fledgling mechanics, salespeople and labourers; those who are 25 or under are categorised as ‘high risk’ by default.  A younger team still need to be covered but they will inevitably cost more to do so – which is why speaking to a broker like eQuote Direct Motor Trade Insurance is ideal, because they can find the most suitable policies for the lowest prices.

Minimise your quote…

Over the last four years, the average price of auto trader insurance has increased from approximately £750 to £1,200.  Attaching multiple drivers to the same policy unavoidably inflates the price, but you can keep that inflation down by almost vetting each member of staff before signing them up and by acquiring your policy through a professional broker.

Plus, your personal spends can be minimised by covering your partner under the same motor trade insurance policy; this way, you won’t have to find a separate quote for their private insurance. 

What to do next…

As a trader, you need protection for your staff, premises and yourself – so cover everything with one deal.   It can all be arranged and negotiated through your broker, meaning the form-filling process is minimal for a start.

With premiums consistently on the rise, it pays to get the most out of your protection.  Using the help of a professional, your business can keep costs down and if you can save some money on the family car insurance in the meantime, then it’s definitely worth getting in touch with a broker straightaway.

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