• September 24, 2023

Semi Crashes on I-70 Shut I-70 Westbound, rerouting Westbound traffic – by Ark Valley Voice Staff – Ark Valley Voice

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Debris from at least two semi-trucks littered I-70 in the aftermath of a crash Friday morning, March 24, 2023. Image courtesy of CDOT.

If you thought spring break traffic on U.S. 24 was a little heavier than normal this morning in Chaffee County, you were right. A massive accident on I-70 involving at least two heavily-loaded semi trucks shut down the Interstate west-bound for more than four hours.

Image courtesy of CDOT

The westbound traffic was routed off I-70 at Copper Mountain, and sent over U.S. 91 to U.S. 24 as a western detour into Lake and Chaffee counties.

The accident was a messy one, requiring more than four hours to clear. It was reopened shortly after 12:00 noon.

It comes in the wake of heavy snow in the Eagle and Summit counties this week.

March is traditionally the month of the highest snowfall as well as the highest volume of spring break skiers. Snow storms, plus driver unfamiliarity with the elevated portions of the Interstate which can freeze faster, often lead to multi-car and truck accidents.

Motorists can visit COtrip.org to check on state road conditions.

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