• December 7, 2023

Shetland viewers ‘switch off’ as they blast BBC for ‘worst car chase ever seen’


SHETLAND fans have been left raging at the show over its latest car chase scene and its huge nonsensical blunder.

Fans have been looking forward to the brand new series of the BBC drama hit but were left gasping at a huge unavoidable error that appeared to go undetected during the latest episode.

Fans pointed out a string of errors in Shetland


Fans pointed out a string of errors in ShetlandCredit: BBC
The car chase scene was blasted by fans


The car chase scene was blasted by fansCredit: BBC

DI Ruth Calder (Ashley Jensen) and Tosh (Alison McIntosh) were both on the hunt for the culprits behind two dead bodies they had discovered.

Whilst one of the deceased was a witness they were hoping to speak to, the pair found themselves chasing after the people that had committed the savage attack.

The murderers themselves were after some stolen money and it wasn’t long until the typical police car chase scene occurred.

Tosh and Ruth sped after the culprits on a remote island where the road only appeared to have their two cars being driven on it.

Fans were left baffled when Tosh appeared to lose sight of the only other vehicle on the road but were left even more confused by a glaring mistake with Alison’s acting.

While driving, Tosh did not move her hands whilst holding the steering wheel.

With them resting still, fans were left perplexed how she was managing to get around bends and why the car was moving as though it had turned a corner.

It appeared that the crew members failed to realise the nonsensical error that captured many fans attention.

Blasting the botched car chase scene, one fan said on X: “Magic car on #Shetland. No steering wheel movement, even going round bends.”

Another raged: “That was one of the most awful car chase ever #Shetland,”

A further person added: “That was one of the worst car chases I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t lose that Land Rover if you were chasing it on a pogo stick. #Shetland.”

Before another penned: “#Shetland it’s like watching the Keystone cops, simply ridiculous in some of the scenes, pursuit car driven by Tosh takes wrong turn and suddenly the suspect car is out of sight 10 seconds later.”

It was branded the most awful car chase scene ever


It was branded the most awful car chase scene everCredit: BBC


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