• December 7, 2023

Six Emmerdale theories: car crash and murder twist as Super Soap Week begins


THERE’S a drama-packed week ahead as the love triangle between Charity, Mackenzie and Chloe takes devastating proportions.

The Emmerdale trio will be left hanging off a cliff after a car crash – but is it really an accident? Here’s what could happen this week.

One love triangle takes devastating proportions this week


One love triangle takes devastating proportions this weekCredit: ITV
And Mackenzie has an important choice to make


And Mackenzie has an important choice to makeCredit: ITV
Could he leave Chloe to her death?


Could he leave Chloe to her death?Credit: ITV

1. Heart-breaking death

Last week’s latest trip to the ITV Dales ended with a shocking revelation for Chloe Harris (portrayed by Jessie Elland) as she finally found out Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) had been up to behind her back.

This week, the young mother comes up with a plan to make her beau pay for his betrayal.

Coming up, Mackenzie and Chloe are preparing to leave for a holiday break in Scotland – with the hope of moving there permanently soon.

But unbeknownst to Mack, Chloe’s sick with betrayal after having heard an unexpected conversation between Charity and Mackenzie.

However, when Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh) shares how she managed to forgive Nate’s cheating she’s left optimistic she can forgive Mackenzie.

Chloe’s happily reassured when later Mackenzie tells her he loves her.

Later on, Mackenzie makes peace with Charity, accepting that their relationship is really over.

Mackenzie kisses Charity on the forehead but as they pull away from a tender hug, Chloe witnesses the moment and jumps to conclusions.

Chloe approaches them both and asks what’s going on and Mackenzie makes his excuses.

The fiery redhead feigns ignorance but once alone, her smile turns to a look of pure hatred.

Chloe and Mack drop off Reuben with Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano).

With a withdrawn Chloe driving, Mackenzie’s blissfully oblivious to her fractured state of mind.

Soon the pair are shocked to find Charity broken down at the side of the road, and with mischief on her mind, Chloe offers her a lift.

In the car, the tension could be cut with a knife as Chloe intentionally misses their turn and heads towards the moors with a plan to abandon Charity and Mackenzie somewhere remote.

Charity’s concerned they’re now in the middle of nowhere and having had enough of Chloe’s attempts to push her buttons, she demands she pulls over.

As Mackenzie fears fireworks, a car smashes into them.

Things are eerily still inside the car as Mackenzie regains consciousness and panic sets in as he realises the car is suspended on the edge of a cliff.

Fighting a rising panic, particularly as the other driver is nowhere to be seen, a terrified Mackenzie tries to get out of the car but as he escapes, the vehicle creeks and shifts.

Charity’s frozen in fear as she regains consciousness and realises where she is and what’s happened.

Soon, Chloe regains consciousness herself and is horrified but she’s forced to put her faith in Mackenzie who tries to guide her and Charity to safety and out of the car.

Unfortunately, Chloe knocks the wheel and the car starts to slip away.

Both desperate to be saved, Charity and Chloe reach out to Mackenzie.

Fans of the Yorkshire-based drama have taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their wildest theories about the outcome of the crash.

One popular theory reveals that Chloe will die as Mackenzie choses to save Charity, thus leaving baby Reuben without a mother, as so many other youngsters have known the same tragic loss in the eponymous village.

But could soap bosses have decided to throw in an unusual twist?

Could Chloe survive the crash and be left with life-changing injuries?


Could Chloe survive the crash and be left with life-changing injuries?Credit: ITV

2. Life-changing injuries for soap favourite

Anything can happen in soap land, prompting us to believe Emmerdale bosses may go a different route for Chloe.

While shots taken on the set of the long-running show have teased that Mackenzie will be saving Charity and leaving Chloe in the endangered vehicle, one could suggest that she may survive.

But, as mentioned above, all outcomes are a possibility.

Could Chloe be left in a coma after the crash?

One could take it a step further and suggest she may even lose her memory, thus putting her engagement with Mackenzie in jeopardy.

As a result, Mack would be left with no choice but to take care of his son Reuben and Chloe, in the hopes she may recover her memory.

Could he rekindle his romance with Charity in the meantime?

Who is the fourth villager left in danger?


Who is the fourth villager left in danger?Credit: ITV

3. Mystery driver revealed

Another theory about the crash emerged on Reddit as fans have wondered who would be driving the car crashing into Chloe, Charity and Mackenzie.

And with Matty Barton actor Ash Palmisciano hinting there would be a massive twist, one soap fan has theorised he could be behind the wheel.

“The bit I’m interested in is what car smashes them off the road?”, the viewer wrote.

“I’m thinking it’s Matty and Amy’s car, Matty’s actor keeps saying there’s going to be a twist, and a big Christmas storyline.”

However, another viewer has taken the theory to a more sinister level.

Could there be a plot to get rid of Mackenzie?


Could there be a plot to get rid of Mackenzie?Credit: ITV

4. Murder plot rumbled

Mackenzie Boyd received a shocking threat from Chloe Harris’ sister Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) in recent scenes of Emmerdale.

This has led one fan to point out she could be the one involved in the car crash.

“I wonder will Amy cut Macks brakes without realising Chloe and Charity get it the car because she obviously doesn’t like him”, the soap viewer commented on Reddit.

“Apparently Amy and Matty are involved in the drama somehow. Just a thought.”

Could Matty and Amy be trying to get rid of Mackenzie?


Everything you need to know about Emmerdale

What will Jai and Suni find out?


What will Jai and Suni find out?Credit: ITV

5. Baby swap

While the love triangle will get most of the focus this week, there’s more drama unfolding elsewhere in the eponymous village.

Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) rocked up the Dales ahead of Jai’s wedding in July, 2023, and immediately settled into the eponymous village for a brand new life.

He not only found himself a job at The Hide in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based drama, he also struck up a romance with repenting villain Nicky Milligan.

However, as regular viewers of the long-running show will remember, Suni’s arrival in Emmerdale was anything but pure bliss as Jai’s wedding was tainted by the sudden death of his father Rishi Sharma.

Before his big day, Jai (played by Chris Bisson) found out he had been adopted, which Rishi kept a secret from him for four decades.

He was eventually told the truth by both Rishi and his mother Georgia.

Jai learned he was Rishi’s biological nephew as he was born from a tryst his mother had had with Rishi’s brother, which meant Suni is his half-brother.

Following Rishi’s death, Jai decided against telling Suni the truth about his parentage but he finally dropped the bombshell on him.

Coming up, Suni struggles to process the truth about Jai’s admission that they are brothers.

Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) comforts Jai, who’s beating himself up.

He’s left feeling uneasy when Laurel recommends he gives Suni time to come to terms with everything.

An anxious Jai’s relieved when Suni enters, ready to talk but both men are in for quite the shock in later scenes.

Could they find out Suni was actually Rishi’s biological son?

Have the brothers been switched without their knowledge?

Will Lydia's marriage survive her rape ordeal?


Will Lydia’s marriage survive her rape ordeal?Credit: ITV

6. Shock split

Meanwhile, Lydia Dingle’s struggle continues but she finally finds her strength back.

The fan favourite portrayed by Karen Blick was sexually assaulted by her childhood sweetheart Craig Reed (Ben Addis) who manipulated her into believing he had nothing but good intentions for her and her family.

Sadly, and like many other victims of assault and rape, Lydia has been unable to expose Craig, particularly as he continually gaslights her, denying her truth and insisting she had given consent.

Kim Tate (Claire King) quickly realised something wasn’t right with Lydia as her behaviour spiralled out of control in Home Farm.

And as Super Soap Week begins, Lydia decides it’s time her family and her husband Sam (James Hooton) knew about her attack.

Coming up, Sam is upset Lydia has gone “to her mother’s” and he doesn’t understand why.

This prompts him to talk to Kim who subtly tests the waters with Sam, trying to determine if Lydia has revealed her secret.

They’re both panicked when they try to call Lydia’s mum, only to find out Lydia isn’t really there.

Kim’s flustered when Sam turns on her, demanding she tells him what she knows.

Meanwhile, at a B&B, a broken Lydia listens to Sam’s voice message.

Stunned, his words strike Lydia as she begins to question her decision to run away.

Back at home, Sam’s worst fears are confirmed when Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) reveals she thinks Lydia has been having an affair with Craig.

Mandy does her best to explain her suspicions as Sam’s desperate to make sense of things.

But members of the Dingle clan are thrown when a fragile Lydia arrives home after deciding she was ready to bear all.

The family are rocked as a broken Lydia picks up all her strength to reveal all of her trauma and bravely tells them she was raped by Craig.

Karen Blick spoke about the aftermath of Lydia’s sexual assault to the Express and hinted her character’s marriage to Sam Dingle may not survive.

“She’s terrified this could mean the end of her marriage to Sam which is her absolute world, and the end of the Dingle family, which means so much to Lydia.”

“She grew up in care, in isolation, she’s estranged in many ways from her own family so the Dingles are her absolute world.”

She added: “It’s very difficult and I feel the scenes after when we see Lydia with Craig, they were harder to film than the attack in some ways.”

“It’s an absolutely horrendous situation for Lydia and we do see the toll and the impact keeping this ordeal a secret has.”

Could Lydia and Sam separate as a result of her rape?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.


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