State to pay $160k to children that experienced shooting during traffic stop

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s been almost 10 years after state police officers bashed out the windows of a minivan full of kids and then shot at it. Now, the state has settled with the family.

In 2013, Oriana Farrell had reportedly just driven away from a traffic stop near Taos before the officer could ticket her. She pulled over again with her five kids.

State Police Officer Tony Detavis allegedly pulled the mom out of the minivan, threatened to tase her 14 year-old-son as he came to her defense, and then smashed out the windows when the family hopped back in the minivan.

State Police Officer Elias Montoya showed up and opened fire at the minivan.

In a settlement that just became official, the state will pay out $160,000 to Farrell’s children.

Montoya was fired by New Mexico State Police after the shooting and then hired by the Taos County Sheriff. Detavis kept his job with State Police.

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