I went to Alton Towers’ Scarefest – and was left terrified by the new rides

[ad_1] ALTON Towers has taken the screams up a spooktacular notch this year with three new attractions for its annual Halloween Scarefest – and they’re not for the fainthearted. As if going on rides late at night wasn’t scary enough, the UK’s biggest theme park has enlisted YouTuber Daz Games to concoct its freshest thrill, … Read more

Alton Towers has overnight stays from £22.50pp a night over half-term holidays

[ad_1] ALTON Towers has announced its Mardi Gras event again, and overnight stays are up for grabs from £90 per family. The event will run from May 20 to June 18, perfect for a fun half-term staycation. 2 Alton Towers has announced its Mardi Gras event once again, and there are overnight stays up for … Read more

Two die in separate Alton traffic accidents

[ad_1] It’s been a deadly couple of days on Alton streets. One woman was killed in a crash on Friday afternoon on Brown Street. A vehicle vs. pedestrian accident Sunday night near downtown left a 27-year-old man dead. The crash Friday happened just before 4pm on Brown Street near the intersection with Spaulding Street. One … Read more

‘I’m Speechless’: Alton residents receive gift cards in place of traffic citations

[ad_1] For the fifth year in a row, the Alton Police Department gave gift cards in place of citations to community members who committed traffic violations. The Alton PD launched the Annual Gift Cards in Lieu of Citations initiative Wednesday morning. Alton PD Investigator Eric Flores stands with Ocari Ramos after gifting her coupons on … Read more