CCTV shows cub scouts aged 7-10 “dodging traffic” after getting lost during the night

[ad_1] Parents were fuming after dozens of cub scouts as young as seven got lost on a night-time map reading hike – leaving them to “dodge cars on a busy road”. Parents have blasted the leaders of the 10th Worcester Cub group after the children were found wandering the 40mph road unsupervised. During a map … Read more

Tiger Cub Found In Car Trunk During Traffic Stop in Mexico

[ad_1] Photo: El Marques Police Look, we get it. Tiger cubs are adorable. If you find one, it could be tempting to pick it up, take it home, and keep it as a pet. But apparently, Mexico has this pesky requirement that if you own an exotic animal such as a tiger, it has to … Read more