Traffic Deaths -Good And Bad News In The U.S., And Surprising Progress In One European Nation

[ad_1] have been on a slow but consistent decline for the past year,” Pete Buttigieg, U.S. Transportation Secretary, said in a statement. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Fewer people died in road traffic crash fatalities in this country in the first three months of 2023 than in the same period in 2022, even as … Read more

Des Moines’ plan to cut traffic deaths is approved by City Council. Here’s what’s next

[ad_1] Des Moines City Council passed a finalized plan Monday night that aims to cut traffic deaths. And its first order of business: Applying for a federal grant to help fix some of the city’s most dangerous roads. Last year, the city hired Maryland-based traffic safety consultant Toole Design to help create Des Moines’ Vision … Read more

Washington, DC, to send personalized messages to 100,000 high-risk drivers to cut down on traffic deaths

[ad_1] Washington, D.C., is starting a program next month that will send personalized messages to drivers with a history of traffic violations and road accidents in the Washington area. The program is Washington D.C.’s latest effort to lower traffic crashes in the city, and is being led by the D.C. Department of Transportation and The … Read more

Buttigieg bets big on ‘Vision Zero’ to stop traffic deaths — all of them

[ad_1] Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg thinks it’s possible to eliminate all vehicular fatalities and even serious accidents in America. He has embraced a program and philosophical approach to traffic that began in Sweden called “Vision Zero.” His Cabinet department is spreading funds around to state and local departments of transportation that embrace this concept. At … Read more

Traffic deaths are on the rise in New Orleans. Are officials doing enough to prevent them?

[ad_1] Larry Monroe used his bike to get just about everywhere he needed to go in New Orleans. He was the kind of relative who made himself available when his family needed him, said Ranatta Harris, his sister-in-law. He’d make the long trek to Harris’ home in Algiers from his in New Orleans East. When … Read more

Traffic Cameras Win Approval Amid Record Deaths, Equity Concerns

[ad_1] HARTFORD – After years of debate, towns and cities will be able to set up cameras to enforce speed and red light violations in Connecticut – a change proponents hope will help make roadways safer amid record traffic deaths. A bill implementing initiatives from the Vizion Zero Council – most notably the traffic cameras … Read more