Emmerdale legend makes shock return as Can Dingle’s kidnap victim – and they’re back for good

[ad_1] DANNY Miller has made an explosive return to Emmerdale tonight – and he’s here to stay. Viewers watching tonight discovered Danny’s character Aaron was being held captive in a barn by Cain Dingle after being snatched from Italy for his own protection. 2 Danny Miller has returned to Emmerdale as Aaron Dingle in a … Read more

MS Dhoni unrecognisable as fans say new look is World Cup ‘good luck charm’

[ad_1] LEGENDARY cricketer MS Dhoni looks unrecognisable after a major hair transformation – and fans are calling it a “lucky charm” for India.  A viral post on Instagram shows captain cool’s new hairstyle which is reminiscent of the cricketer’s bygone days.  3 INDIAN cricketing legend MS Dhoni looks unrecognisable after a major hair transformationCredit: instagram//aalimhakim/ … Read more

Key to having good sex revealed – and it’s surprisingly simple

[ad_1] THE key to great sex is a good night’s sleep. Scientists found men who struggle with insomnia were 58 per cent more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction. 1 The trick to having great sex is to be well rested And that applied to those receiving treatment for sleeplessness as well as those who weren’t. … Read more

Letter: Cook made good point on traffic

[ad_1] John Cook, lamenting Lincoln’s lack of traffic law enforcement and the unfortunate injury to his player, is right. The Lincoln Police Department is abysmal at traffic enforcement. Old Cheney Road is basically an autobahn 24/7. One can sit outside and hear the crotch-rocket motorcycles streaking down the road at greater than 45 mph. It’s … Read more

How to get rid of head lice for good after back-to-school surge in nasty nits

[ad_1] IT’S every parent’s fear to see their kid scratching at their head frantically when they come from school. This month, the number of people seeking NHS advice on head lice has jumped by a third. 2 Searches for head lice and nit remedies surged by 34 per cent since the start of the month, … Read more