S Club 7’s Paul, 46, died of ‘hidden’ disease – 4 signs you must not ignore

THE statistics are stark, heart and circulatory diseases kill one in four of us. It took the life of S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole in April this year, at just 46 years of age. 6 The statistics for heart disease are stark – as tragically seen with the death of S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole … Read more

Signs of diseases hidden INSIDE your mouth – from cancer to HIV & how to check

WE use our mouths constantly – from sipping on wine to chatting with our mates, and of course, scoffing down the foods we love. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing is drummed into us when we’re younger, and reinforced by dentists as we get older. 1 Most people are unaware of disease that can … Read more

Hidden ingredient in your fave foods that increases risk of killer heart disease

SOME of the ingredients hidden in your favourite foods could be putting you at risk of killer heart disease. Emulsifiers – know as e-numbers – are used to make foods like ice cream, snacks and ready meals last longer and taste better. 1 E-numbers found in popular snacks increase the risk of heart diseaseCredit: Getty … Read more

EastEnders cast reveals clue to Christmas death victim hidden in NTA outfits

SOAP fans are at the edge of their seats months ahead of Walford Christmas murder mystery. One EastEnders favourite dropped revealed a huge secret about the storyline while attending the National Television Awards last night. 5 The EastEnders cast attended the NTAs last night and won a coveted awardCredit: Rex 5 Danny Walters revealed a … Read more

Emmerdale fans unmask ‘hidden murderer’ as village rocked by ANOTHER death

RISHI Sharma and Victor Anderson have both recently passed away from seemingly innocent causes. However, due to the deaths being only weeks apart, Emmerdale viewers are suspecting a killer is lurking in the shadows. 5 Emmerdale aired a shockin death this weekCredit: ITV 5 Victor was found dead in St Mary’s Church after being framed … Read more

The hidden sign of dementia you might spot towards the end of each month

IT’S well known that memory loss and confusion are symptoms of dementia. But there are many other more subtle – and perhaps lesser known – signs that can indicate early-onset of the mind-robbing disease. 1 Repeated financial mistakes can be a sign of dementiaCredit: Getty – Contributor US scientists have found that having money management issues … Read more