Lack of FAA leadership looms over regional airline conference

[ad_1] Uncertainty surrounding Michael Whitaker’s potential confirmation as administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration – now without a permanent leader for roughly 18 months – is an ongoing source of anxiety for the US regional airline sector.  However, the leading member of the US Senate committee overseeing the confirmation process is warmer on Whitaker than … Read more

PPM challenges lack of transparency on Barbados route – Cayman Islands Headline News

[ad_1] Tourism ministry graphic showing hoped-for flight connectivity (Click to enlarge) (CNS): The opposition is calling on Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan to reveal details of the deal that led to Cayman Airways’ new Barbados route and an additional flight to Los Angeles. CNS asked the minister during the press conference announcing the new gateway held … Read more

Home-school numbers climb with lack of school spaces – Cayman Islands Headline News

[ad_1] Home-schooled children in the Cayman Islands at a recent event (CNS): At the end of this academic year, 141 students were registered in home-school programmes, according to the Department of Education Services, but numerous social media posts suggest that one of the main reasons is that parents are struggling to find places for their … Read more

Self-driving cars lack social intelligence in traffic

[ad_1] Should I go or give way? It is one of the most basic questions in traffic, whether merging in on a motorway or at the door of the metro. The decision is one that humans typically make quickly and intuitively, because doing so relies on social interactions trained from the time we begin to … Read more

Lack of trust in Chicago public transit leads to more drivers, traffic jams

[ad_1] CHICAGO (CBS) – If you drive in the city, chances are you’ve noticed the bad traffic. Some say it’s worse than ever. CBS 2 has told you construction projects and alternative routes are contributing factors. But CBS 2’s Tara Molina looked closer and learned construction is not the only reason drivers are spending more … Read more

The Biden administration blamed airlines for delays and cancellations but downplayed the FAA’s lack of staffing in air traffic control

[ad_1] (CNN) While President Joe Biden’s administration publicly hammered airlines for flight delays and cancellations last summer, behind the scenes Federal Aviation Administration officials were well aware that their own agency also bore responsibility for disrupting thousands of flights, according to previously unreported internal FAA records The FAA’s problem, according to records obtained by CNN, … Read more