Traffic alert: Crash blocks I-95 northbound lanes in Broward

Drivers need to avoid Interstate 95 northbound in the area of Dania Beach after a pile up car crash on Wednesday morning. DANIA BEACH, Fla. – Drivers should avoid Interstate 95 northbound on Wednesday in the area of Dania Beach. A multiple-car crash was blocking at least three lanes at about 9:30 a.m. Copyright 2023 … Read more

Van drivers could be allowed to use bus lanes to avoid traffic

Van drivers could be allowed to use bus lanes if a new proposal planning to help the UK trade industry goes ahead. Motoring experts at are launching a campaign to allow tradespeople in their vans to bypass traffic and use bus lanes if driving to an urgent call out. Giving UK tradespeople a chance … Read more

City of Hollywood wants to calm traffic and add more bike lanes on roadways

The City of Hollywood has applied for two Complete Street Grants, worth up to $6 million in total, which could go towards swapping out traffic lanes for bike lanes in portions of the city.    The proposed areas where the city wants to implement the changes include Polk Street between North 26th Avenue to Dixie … Read more

Answer Woman: Why do people park in travel lanes for school pickup? Is this legal?

ASHEVILLE – Today’s burning question is about pickup lines ― the ones at city and county schools, not the ones you’d use at a local brewery ― and what happens if cars waiting to pick up kids from school are blocking oncoming traffic. Got a question for Answer Man or Answer Woman? Email Executive Editor … Read more

Parliament wants to make Switzerland’s main motorway six lanes wide

The A1 motorway, which run between Geneva in the west and St Gallen in the east suffers badly from congestion. On 11 September 2023, Switzerland’s parliament voted in favour of adding an extra lane in each direction along the full length of the key route, reported RTS. A1 motorway Switzerland – © Oscity | … Read more

Maple Street Bridge causes traffic backups as all northbound lanes have closed

Maple Street Bridge causes traffic backups as all northbound lanes have closed | News | We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. … Read more