Sinkhole slows traffic on Route 24 near Stoughton/Avon line

[ad_1] A sinkhole opened up on Route 24 south Thursday, causing delays near the Stoughton/Avon line, according to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Crews were making repairs, but with the right lane closed, there were significant backups Thursday evening. The closure was expected to last several hours. More details were not immediately available. [ad_2] Source … Read more

EastEnders fans predict Theo revenge – with two lives on the line

[ad_1] THEO Hawthorne was left for dead in Stacey Slater’s kitchen after her cousin Freddie caught him trying to rape her. EastEnders fans are now convinced the teacher will soon try to get revenge on both characters, as he recovers from the brutal attack. 5 Theo tried to rape Stacey after breaking into No.31Credit: BBC … Read more

Harry Redknapp at centre of photo-finish row after camera mysteriously breaks as horses cross line

[ad_1] HARRY REDKNAPP is at the centre of a photo-finish controversy – after the camera used to decide the winner mysteriously broke down just as the horses crossed the line. Legendary football manager Redknapp is co-owner of four-year-old gelding Mikimoto. 1 Redknapp’s horse Mikimoto, at the top of the photo, was judged to have come … Read more

Privately-Owned High-Speed Rail Opens New Line in Florida, Kills Pedestrian – Slashdot

[ad_1] At 11 a.m. Friday in Orlando Florida, a train completed its 240-mile journey from Miami, inaugurating a new line from Brightline that reaches speeds of up to 125 miles per hour and reduces the journey to just under three hours. “This is going to revolutionize transportation not just in the country and the state … Read more

Old Powerline Drive and Benton Pike closed to thru traffic for sewer line work

[ad_1] Old Powerline Drive and Benton Pike closed to thru traffic for sewer line work | News | We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted … Read more

I won US Open, now I have a perfume line and my niece dates Messi’s team-mate

[ad_1] GABRIELA Sabatini’s 1990 US Open victory over Steffi Graf has quickly become an iconic Flushing Meadows moment. The Argentine burst onto the tennis scene at just 15 at Roland Garros five years earlier, belying her tender age to reach the semi-finals. 10 Gabriela Sabatini won the US Open in 1990Credit: Reuters 10 Sabatini, now … Read more