Pursuit comes to end on I-5 in East Los Angeles, creating miles-long traffic backup

[ad_1] A pursuit with a stolen vehicle suspect came to an end on southbound lanes of I-5 in East Los Angeles on Wednesday, causing a massive traffic backup in the midst of rush hour traffic.  According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the suspect twice rammed patrol vehicles while fleeing, also collided with other uninvolved … Read more

Los Angeles is Using AI To Predict Who Might Become Homeless and Help Before They Do – Slashdot

[ad_1] Los Angeles is housing more people than ever, and building lots more low-income housing, yet it can’t keep pace with this ever-rising number of people who end up in cars, tents and shelters. “It’s a bucket with a hole in it, so we’ve got to do something … to fill that hole,” says Dana … Read more

Los Alamos’s New Project: Updating America’s Aging Nuclear Weapon – Slashdot

[ad_1] During World War II, “Los Alamos was the perfect spot for the U.S. government’s top-secret Manhattan Project,” remembers the Associated Press. “The community is facing growing pains again, 80 years later, as Los Alamos National Laboratory takes part in the nation’s most ambitious nuclear weapons effort since World War II.” The mission calls for … Read more

LAPD Traffic Safety PSA Scolds Pedestrian for Getting Hit by Red Light Runner – Streetsblog Los Angeles

[ad_1] It’s National Traffic Safety Awareness Month! Which apparently means it’s time for LAPD – one of the lead implementing agencies for L.A.’s Vision Zero program – to recycle last year’s misguided PSA that admonishes a pedestrian for being mowed down by an SUV running a red light at a very high rate of speed. … Read more

Without Hollywood, What Happens to Los Angeles?

[ad_1] Los Angeles County has 88 cities. Ten million people. Two hundred-plus languages spoken. And a nine-letter sign that, for much of the world, defines the entire region: HOLLYWOOD. Los Angeles has long been regarded as the global “company town” for show business, and as a rare actors’ strike upended the signature industry this week, … Read more