Cars could cost British drivers an extra £1,500 if we leave the EU single market

[ad_1] A NEW car could cost Brits an extra £1,500 if we leave the EU single market after Brexit, the motoring industry has warned. Gareth Jones, President of the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders’ said last night that tariffs on UK exports into Europe would set manufacturers and motorists back £4.5 billion a year. … Read more

Sneak peek at 69-plate vans coming in September from Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan

[ad_1] VANS are like buses – you’ll wait and wait for one to come along, then all of a sudden there are a dozen new models heading round the corner. There is also more inbreeding and questionable decision making than in an entire series of Game Of Thrones. 4 Renault’s Master van has been tricked … Read more