East San Jose traffic light took months to replace – San José Spotlight

[ad_1] An East San Jose traffic signal has finally been replaced after a monthslong saga between East San Jose residents and Santa Clara County. The installation is viewed as a minor victory. County workers installed a new signal at the intersection of Ocala Avenue and Capitol Expressway last Thursday after a traffic accident demolished the … Read more

San Jose residents say Buddhist temple will bring traffic, noise – San José Spotlight

[ad_1] San Jose residents are speaking out against plans for a Buddhist temple in the Evergreen area over concerns it will cause the neighborhood to be overrun with traffic and noise. The 13,900-square-foot Wat Khmer Kampuchea Krom Temple is planned for a 1.86-acre vacant corner lot at the intersection of Ruby and Norwood avenues, which … Read more

Broken East San Jose traffic light signals disparities – San José Spotlight

[ad_1] A traffic signal in a busy intersection still hasn’t been repaired, and residents said it’s part of a long line of disparities in East San Jose. A temporary signal at Ocala Avenue and Capitol Expressway has been operating at the intersection since last September, after a traffic accident knocked the original signal over. While its … Read more

San Jose commuters losing time in traffic – San José Spotlight

[ad_1] San Jose commuters spend roughly three days a year sitting in rush-hour traffic, and local advocates worry it will get worse. Residents are seeing their daily trips between work and home extended by more than 17 minutes each day because of rush-hour traffic—nearly 7 minutes in the morning and more than 10 in the evening. That translates to … Read more

Staff Spotlight: Traffic Ops Team keeps us safe over the holidays

[ad_1] How did you spend your Christmas? This group of guys spent more than six hours in below-freezing temperatures to repair a traffic cabinet and get traffic lights working again. That’s why all four of them are this week’s Staff Spotlight.   It all started at 10:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Barry Millirans – a … Read more