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This is who shot Jack Sugden in Emmerdale

DESPITE only being a small Yorkshire village, Emmerdale has seen a lot of bloodshed over the years.

Die hard soap fans will remember how local farmer Jack Sugden was shot – but may not remember who the perpetrator was.

Jack Sugden was played by the late actor Clive Hornby - his character was famously shot on Emmerdale


Jack Sugden was played by the late actor Clive Hornby – his character was famously shot on EmmerdaleCredit: Rex

Who shot Jack Sugden in Emmerdale?

John Jacob Sugden – better known as Jack – was born in the village of Emmerdale on November 28, 1947.

The farmer was a well known member of the community, and the son of Annie and Jacob.

Fans loved him for his flat cap, plaid shirts and womanising ways.

While on the soap Jack was married many times, and had three children – Thomas, Robert and Victoria – and an adopted son called Andy Hopwood.

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After a his first wife Pat died, Jack married Sarah Connelly.

They welcomed a child of their own – Victoria – but they also decided to adopt Andy.

But it was actually his adopted son who went onto shoot Jack.

It happened in May 2004 when Andy – who had since changed his surname to Sugden – was furious when he discovered that his brother Robert was having an affair with his wife, Katie.

On the fateful night, Andy was seen waiting for Robert in his caravan with a shotgun, intending to shoot him – however he accidentally shot Jack instead.

Luckily the farmer survived the shooting, but was badly injured.

Having almost died, Jack initially disowned Andy but they reconciled.

How did Jack Sugden die in Emmerdale?

After being released from prison, Jack – who had been accused of killing his second wife Sarah – began a relationship with Diane Blackstock, landlady of The Woolpack. They married in 2004.

Sadly Clive Hornby – the second actor to play Jack – had to leave the soap in 2008 due to ill health.

Jack was written out by going to Spain to look after his mum Annie who was unwell but Clive’s health issues tragically claimed his life.

His character was written out for good as Jack passed away off-screen from a heart attack on February 5, 2009.

Meanwhile, actor Clive was actually seriously injured in 1997, while filming a scene on Emmerdale where he had to push a tractor.

The actor’s lung collapsed and led to an eight-day stay in hospital.

He vowed never to leave the soap when rumours circulated about his health following his absence from the show in 2008, but he eventually died from cancer aged just 63.

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Cast members past and present turned out in their droves to say an emotional farewell to the much-loved actor at his funeral at Rawdon Crematorium in Leeds.

Meanwhile, actor Kelvin Fletcher who played Andy Sugden left the soap in 2016.

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