Traders Motor Insurance

Changing car insurance providers is never a task many of us relish doing, we know every year that we should shop around, yet usually due to lack of time, or inclination we just do not get round to it. There are however, some great competitive prices out there, and with motor insurance market having side wide reaches, there is always a more competitive deal to be found.

It is important to first outline what you are looking for, how much excess you want to pay and if you wish to include any voluntary excesses. An excess is an amount of money, that should you have a car accident, you would be liable to pay this money as the first part of any claim you made. Often, the higher you set your excess, the lower your car insurance premium will be. It is up to you how to set your excess, and whether you are brave enough to set yourself a fairly high excess resulting in much lower insurance payments, in the hope that you will not have an accident and therefore not have to pay your high excess. I, however, do it the other way round, setting myself a low excess and no voluntary excess (Compulsory and Voluntary are both different and essentially, if you wish, you would have two excesses on your insurance, both liable for payment should you need to claim), and therefore looking to protect myself against unforeseen payments should the worst happen.

There is a difference between paying monthly and paying yearly, so make sure you check out the differences in prices. When you decide to pay monthly you will undoubtedly pay more, as your insurance would be based on a credit type option and would therefore have to pay any interest that is accrued during the term of the insurance. Is there a better way to pay for your insurances? Well that is entirely up to the individual or company. If you would rather pay less then the yearly option is the more preferable, however if cash flow is a problem you might be better taking the monthly option. While the cost of the insurance will invariably be more with a monthly plan, you payments will be broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks.


Are you in the motor trade industry? That could mean you work with vehicles at a dealership or maybe at a garage or MOT test centre. are motor trade specialists, and will help you find the right insurance to protect you, your company and your employees.

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