Traffic Alert: Major delays on I-75 South after pair of multi-vehicle crashes Sunday

MARIETTA — A pair of multi-vehicle collisions has resulted in severe traffic backups on major Georgia highways, causing substantial delays for motorists Sunday.

According to the Marietta Police Dept., the incidents occurred simultaneously on I-75 South and South Loop, affecting numerous travelers.

On I-75 South, just before reaching South Loop, all lanes but one have been closed to traffic due to a crash.

Meanwhile, on South Loop, east of its intersection with I-75, most westbound lanes have also been closed due to another collision.

Authorities have not disclosed the number of vehicles involved in the accidents or if any casualties occurred. Specialized Traffic Enforcement Program traffic investigators have been deployed to both scenes.

Officials have advised motorists to seek alternate routes where possible. However, for those unable to avoid the affected areas, they should be prepared for significant delays expected to last for several hours.

The Georgia Sun will continue to follow this story, providing updates on the situation as more details become available. We encourage readers to stay informed and safe while on the roads.

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