Unlocked: Get the Old Bike of Your Dreams

Bike lovers everywhere will have dreamed of owning a piece of history by getting a classic bike at some point. But it’s not possible to just walk into a dealership and ask for one. To get the best prices and to protect it effectively requires a great deal of knowhow and shouldn’t be attempted by a novice.


Protecting a bike when it’s actually bought is something that should be thought about before actually getting it. There are two aspects to this: classic bike insurance and storage.

Storage is where the bike is going to sit when not in use. The last thing anybody should do is attempt to store it on the street, and the same goes for any bike. A classic bike should go straight into a locked facility that has multiple security devices on it. Getting one of these stolen can literally be the most costly mistake of one’s life.

Classic bike insurance is the type of insurance that’s needed to protect the bike against any damage. It’s exactly the same as conventional bike insurance except that it’s more expensive. It’s also important to check that the local insurance broker actually offers this type of insurance as that isn’t always the case.


The number one place to find a classic bike is the auctions. Check the local newspaper or the online classifieds to find out about any upcoming auctions. There are auctions that are held on a regular basis that attract hundreds of people, but there are also auctions that only a few people turn up to.

If there are no auctions in the area then consider chiming in as a phone or an online bidder. The only disadvantage with this method is that it’s impossible to see the bike in person until the money has been spent.

Private Owners

There are many private owners who will put up a classified ad about their bike. This is a great way to get a bargain because the chances are they want to get rid of it quickly. The only advice here is to be wary. Never buy the bike without seeing it because there are no rules when it comes to private sellers. Check everything on the bike and make sure that it’s in good order.

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