Veterans Memorial Bridge traffic

After numerous traffic accidents on the Veterans Memorial Bridge, some resulting in fatalities, PennDOT installed traffic pylons on the bridge in an effort to keep traffic from moving into oncoming lanes of traffic. I commend them for the efforts to improve the safety on the bridge.

Apparently, a number of the driving public still do not take their driving seriously as the number of pylons that are knocked down seems to be increasing. For this to happen, traffic has to be weaving into oncoming lanes. Replacing these pylons results in considerable cost that is passed onto the taxpayer.

One factor that contributes to the problem is excessive speed. As soon as cars and trucks enter the bridge, many people accelerate as though they were about to merge on a super highway.

Drivers speed up to jockey into their desired lane. When doing this they fail to look in their rearview mirrors to see if there is a vehicle in the lane they wish to move into.

Many times people just pass to get ahead of you and cut right back in front of you even when traveling at the posted speed. Whatever the cause, it creates unsafe driving conditions.

I recommend that PennDOT consider the installation of cameras covering the entire length of the bridge to cut down on excessive speed and determine what drivers are weaving out of their lane and creating unsafe driving conditions. If a driver is responsible for weaving out of his lane and into oncoming lanes and knocking down pylons in the process, there should be some financial consequences for that action.

If a driver cannot stay in their appropriate lane because of some impairment, then it should be investigated and if necessary, suspend their license so unsafe drivers are taken off the road.

If some action is not taken, it is only a matter of time before there will be another fatality on the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

William Renn,


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