WATCH: Group Bikes Down I-93 Tunnel in Boston, Blocking Traffic

A group of five people on bicycles joined traffic in a tunnel on Interstate 93 under Boston last week, according to video shared by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The video shows the group of what appears to be teenagers bike into the tunnel at Leverett Circle — one pops a wheelie — and descend, followed by cars.

They travel onto I-93 south and appear to exit near Faneuil Hall.

More information about the bikers wasn’t immediately available.

It’s not the first time someone’s biked an I-93 tunnel in Boston.

Brad Anderson shot this video of a man riding a Hubway bike in the O’Neill Tunnel leading up to the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

When a man was spotted riding a Hubway bike through the O’Neill Tunnel in 2016, police noted that it’s illegal to ride a bicycle on highways.

Reports of cyclists on busy highways are rare, state Trooper Matthew Guarino said at the time. Most came from the Ted Williams Tunnel and portions of the Massachusetts Turnpike.

“Anytime they go out there, they’re taking their lives in their hands,” Guarino said. “People aren’t expecting them to be over there.”

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