Watch Hundreds Of Classic Ferraris Create The World’s Most Expensive Traffic Jam At Fiorano


It’s that time of the year again when the most sought-after Ferraris come together at the Ferrari Cavalcade Classiche in Italy, and the recent outing did not disappoint. YouTuber Varryx captured most of the action from the three-day event, from glorious-sounding V8 and V12 cars to the new age of V6 hybrids championed by the Ferrari 296.

Held from September 20-24, the event was attended by the likes of the 166MM, 212 Inter, 750 Monza, GT Berlinetta Lusso, 275, and 365 GTB4. As a prestigious gathering, the Ferrari 250 wasn’t left out either, with the procession of classic Prancing Horses including some of the most expensive Ferraris ever.


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